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Digital Marketing Essentials guide for recording musicians
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If you record your own music and want it to be heard and purchased by the widest possible audience, you cannot ignore digital marketing. The problem is that there are so many ways to market online, you may have no time left for music!


Therefore, this guide will help you decide which processes are essential for you, and which you can ignore, by providing clear explanations and advice on available technologies and methods.


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01 Introduction
01 A word on ‘traditional’ marketing
02 Important facts
03 A word on collaboration
04 Your products
05 Understanding marketing terminology and concepts
05 The sales funnel
07 Visitors, followers, leads, subscribers and customers
07 Channels
08 Interruption and permission marketing
08 Content marketing
09 Call to action (CTA)
10 Plans and campaigns
10 Tailoring conversations
11 Personalise your messages
12 Search engines
12 Scheduling announcements
13 User generated content
13 Recommendations, reviews and testimonials
14 Virality
14 Analytics & metrics
16 Preparing for marketing
16 Put yourself in your customers shoes
16 Determining your brand
18 Determining your public persona
19 Writing copy
20 Choosing keywords and keyword phrases
21 Unique URL (website address)
22 Engaging content - circus vs art
23 Processes and technologies




















23 Website design & optimisation
23 Organic search and search engine optimisation (SEO)
24 Choosing keywords and keyword phrases
24 Adding keywords/phrases to your site, channels and content
25 Content marketing
26 Give-aways
26 Competitions
26 Information and advice
26 Newsletters
27 Podcasts
27 Apps
28 Creating a music video
29 Video channel marketing
30 Search engine marketing (SEM)
31 Email marketing
32 Building your first mailing list
32 Creating email campaigns
33 Social media marketing
34 Engage and connect with your audience
35 Posts - messages, comments and tweets
35 Announce gigs, releases and events
36 Social media channel ads
36 Use a social media management tool
37 Affiliate and reciprocal marketing
37 Retail shop optimisation
38 Online display advertising
40 Suggesting a plan
41 Final thoughts

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