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Build a compact electric guitar speaker cabinet isolation box
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Recording electric guitar amplifiers at home can be challenging due to the kind of levels they need to be run at to achieve a good sound. Our step by step guide explains how to build an electric guitar speaker cabinet isolation box optimised for a 1 x 12 sized speaker cabinet (cab).


For many of us recording at home, space is a primary issue, therefore our design is compact and has been sized to fit through the average interior doorway of a house. Every centimetre counts so even the speaker cab jack plug is right angled.


The design allows for any panel to be removed for easy access to the interior whilst retaining excellent sound isolation properties.


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01 Sound isolation materials
02 Access to the interior
03 Dimensions
04 Audio connections
05 Before you start your build
05 Safety and disclaimer
06 Required parts
07 Required tools
09 Constructing the outer MDF box shell
19 Inner layers construction
27 Audio connections assembly
30 Finishing touches





















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