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Welcome to this introduction to Project Studio Handbook.


We create free video tutorials on sound recording theory and associated technical subjects. Our aim is explain complex but essential theory concepts in a manner that is understandable and of practical use to recording musicians, performers, composers, and project and home studio owners. Many of our subscribers are recording professionals, enthusiasts, lecturers or students.


We launched in autumn 2013 and continue to produce new videos each month. Most of our videos tutorials are modular and arranged into subject playlists. A single tutorial may appear in more than one playlist. Each tutorial is presented with an accompanying script and images from the video.


We also have an extensive glossary and publish a weekly blog.


We are not a business, just music and audio recording enthusiasts like you, who think that videos are a better way to learn and communicate than the written word (and yes, you can read the scripts too!).


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If you'd like to be informed as soon as new videos are uploaded, simply subscribe either at our website,, or at our YouTube or social media channels. If you join our mailing list by subscribing at our website you will receive an email whenever new videos are published which will also include links to the last months blog posts, and extra downloadable content.


Thanks for watching.


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